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A Step-by-Step Guide to Wildlife in Arusha National Park

A Step-by-Step Guide to Wildlife in Arusha National Park

Arusha national park.

Arusha National Park is situated in the Arusha region of northeastern Tanzania. It encircles mountain Meru across an area of 137 square kilometers and is 25 kilometers east of Arusha town and 35 kilometers from Kilimanjaro International Airport. The Meru crater funnels, the Jeepukumia River, the peak of Mount Meru in the west of the park, the Ngurdoto crater, and the Momella lakes in the northeast of the park are some of the unique physical characteristics that have combined to form the breathtaking vistas seen in Arusha National Park.

Attractions in Arusha national park.

The National Park of Arushais a small national park, but despite its modest size, it is home to a variety of wildlife species, albeit not in large numbers like other protected areas in Tanzania. The park’s animals include warthogs, giraffes, shy red duikers, leopards, cape buffaloes, zebras, and shy blue monkeys. In the park’s forest galleries, there are also various species of primates, including blue, black, and white colobus monkeys. While on a game drive safari in the park, it is easy to spot these creatures.

More than 400 different bird species call Arusha National Park home. The park is covered in a range of flora types, including forests and verdant savannah grasslands. Among the birds that call the park home are the Taveta golden, collared sun bird, spotted flycatcher, red-billed fire finch, and African fire finch, to name a few.


The Momela lakes, located in the Arusha National Park, are a group of seven small, alkaline, shallow lakes. The largest of the lakes is called Momela, while the other little lakes are called Kusare, Rishateni, Lekandiro, and Tulusia. Even though these lakes are alkaline, animals do not drink from them, but they do draw a lot of birds and other wildlife to their shores.

Ngurdoto crater.

Ngurdoto Crater is a stunning landmark in Arusha National Park. It is a steep-sided bowl that is three kilometers in length, with riverine forest surrounding it and a lush swamp covering the crater floor. Numerous creatures, including African buffalo, elephants, and various monkeys and baboons, as well as birds like herons and hamerkop, can be found in the crater. There are numerous pathways around the crater that are used for crater tours.

Mountain Meru.

As the second-highest peak in Tanzania and the fifth-highest in Africa, Mountain Meru is a stunning landmark that contributes to the park’s breathtaking beauty. It is a part of the Arusha national park. With its symmetric caldera at the pinnacle of its cone-shaped peak, Meru offers stunning mountain hiking excursions.

Activities in Arusha national park.
Wildlife viewing.

Arusha National Park is home to a wide variety of species, provides fantastic game drives for seeing wildlife, and boasts breathtaking vistas of the peak Meru, the Ngurdoto Crater, and the Momela Lakes. Arusha National Park game drives take you on drives around the park on paths where you can observe a variety of animals, including warthogs, giraffes, timid red duikers, cape buffaloes, zebras, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, and many more.

Bird watching.

Tanzania’s Arusha National area is home to approximately 400 bird species, including migratory birds that visit the area from November to April. It also provides some of the best opportunities for bird viewing excursions. You can see a variety of vibrant bird species, like the African fish eagle, African olive pigeon, bearded vulture, black saw wing, bee eater, and many more, when you take a stroll through the park. The pink flamingos, kingfishers, and cormorants are the three most breathtaking birds to watch in the park.

The best times to go on a bird viewing safari are from November to April, when migratory bird species are present in the park, and from June to October, when it’s a dry season with low vegetation and dry trails that make the activity easy.

Canoe safaris.
In Arusha National Park, canoe safaris are an exciting activity that take place on the serene Lake Momela. They last two to three hours and are a great way to enjoy the lake’s calm waters and see a variety of animals, including Egyptian geese, great crested grebes, African fish eagles, and many more.

Accommodation in Arusha national park.

The Arusha National Park offers a variety of exquisite lodging options located in the park as well as in the town. These lodging options include:

Ngurdoto mountain lodge.

The Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge is a fantastic lodging option with incredible amenities, including three restaurants, a golf course, an outdoor pool, free wifi, a coffee shop, an outdoor tennis court, and many more. It is located in Arusha Town, 11.9 kilometers from the Arusha National Park. The Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge offers well-appointed rooms with private bathrooms.

Arusha coffee lodge.

Situated on one of the largest coffee farms, the Arusha Coffee Lodge is a stunning lodge just a short drive from the city center. It offers lodging in chalets that are furnished with thirty rooms that include private decks, sitting areas, and mini-bars. The Arusha Coffee Lodge features free wireless internet access, a restaurant, a bar, a gift store, a business center, and a swimming pool.
Other lodging options in the park include the Tulia boutique hotel and spa, the Meru view lodge, the Green Mountain Hotel, the WF Kiboko Lodge, the Royal City Lodge, and many more.

How to get to Arusha national park.

Access to Arusha National Park is possible from a number of cities and other locations. The Park is situated northeast of Arusha town and the main gate is 25 kilometers away from the city. The Park is 58 kilometers from Moshi City and 35 kilometers from Kilimanjaro International Airport. Both by road and by air, visitors can reach Arusha National Park. From Arusha town, there are well-maintained roads that go to the park.

Two airports serve Arusha city through air: Kilimanjaro International Airport, which welcomes aircraft from all over the world, and Arusha Municipal Airport, which is located on the city’s edge and serves domestic flights to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. Air Viva and other carriers provide domestic flights to Arusha town and the Arusha national park.





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