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Entry Gates To Masai Mara

Entry Gates To Masai Mara
Masai mara National Reserve is Kenya’s famous national reserve receiving lots of visitors every year who come in to witness the great Wildebeests migration. The great experience happens from the month of July when the first herd is seen closer to the mara river. August is the climax with millions of wildebeest followed by Zebras, gazelle crossing the Mara River infested with lots of crocodiles.
Measuring 1510 square kilometres, Masai Mara National Reserve is a spread over a large area having several nonservices situated within the Mara conservation area. and therefore, has several entry gates to access the reserve. Using the correct gate during your trip to Masai Mara can save you hours of additional driving. Below we have a list of the main gates at the main Masai Mara reserve along with basic information, on which lodges and camps are closest to the various access points. As for entry and exit timings, the entry timing is 6.00am and exit timing is 6pm, after which the gates are closed. It may be possible to enter or exit beyond these timings in exceptional cases with the permission of the reserve Warden, for example in case of a vehicle breakdown or maybe adverse weather causing road closures.
For the visitors taking the road trip, there are six gates one of which is an entrance in to Masai mara National Reserve. The Maasai Mara gates are well distributed at most convenient and popular places that lead to Maasai Mara National Reserve including; Sekenani Gate Talek Gate Musiara Gate Oloololo Gate Ololaimutia Gate Sand River Gate.
Sekenani Gate
Sekenani Gate is located on the outskirts of Sekenani town, amidst vast Savannah plains on the eastern border of Masai Mara national reserve. It is the main gate and most preffered because it is on the main road from Narok Town. The best lodging options near Sekenani gates includes Mara Sarova Game Camp, Keekorok Lodge, Mara Sweet Acacia Lodge, Mara Springs Safari Camp, Enkolong Tented Camp, Kimana Mara Tented Camp, oldarpoi Mara Camp, Sekenani Camp and AA Lodge Maasai Mara. Read more about Sekenani Gate here.
Talek Gate
It is located on the North western part of Masai mara reserve, Talek Gate is one of the most developed gates in Maasai Mara. Situated within the open Savannah grass land right next to the famous Talek River which acts like a natural border between the Eastern and Western region of Maasai Mara, there are several comfortable accommodation facilities situated with in the Talek gates including; Mara Intrepid Tented Camp, Julia’s River Camp, Aruba Mara Camp, Tipilikwani Mara Camp, Mara Leisure Camp, Fig Tree Camp, Azure Mara Haven, Mara Simba Lodge and Mara Serena Safari Lodge.
Oloolaimutia Gate
Oloolaimutia Gate is located on the outskirts of Oloolaimutia town, amidst the hilly eastern end of Masai Mara national reserve. The best lodging options near Oloolaimuita gates includes Ol Moran Tented Camp, Mara Sidai Camp, Acacia Camp Mara among others. Read more about Oloolaimutia Gate here.
Musiara Gate
Musiara Gate is located on the north eastern end of Maasai Mara National Reserve, a short distance east of Oloololo gate, though on the opposite side of the mara river. The best lodging options near Musiara gates includes Little Governors Camp, Governors Camp, Governors’ IL Moran Camp, Kandili Camps, Angama Mara, Karen Blixen Camp, Kilima Camp and Nyota Mara Camp. Read more about Musiara Gate here.
Oloololo Gate (Mara Conservancy)
Oloololo gate is located on the north eastern region of Maasai Mara National Reserve, a short distance south of one of the tributaries for the Mara River. The gate is accessed through C13(Aitong road) and C14 (Singor – Kaboson road). You can also use this gate to drive to west of the Mara River (a few minutes’ drive) and a similar distance north of the walls of the rift valley known as the Oloololo escarpment. The best lodging options near Oloololo gates includes Mara Big Five Lodge, Fairmont Mara Safari Club, Entim Mara Camp and Oltome Mara Magic Resort among others. Read more about Oloololo Gate here.
Sand River Gate (Closed)
The Sand River gate is located on the northern banks of the Sand River, one of the tributaries for the Mara River as well as a crossing point for the wildebeest migration. It also sits on the southern border of Masai mara national reserve, a few metres from the border between Kenya and Tanzania as well as the Bologonja gate into Serengeti national park. Due to the nearby border between Kenya and Tanzania being closed to tourists, the gate is seldom used, with most using the Isebania border instead.
Masai Mara Fly In Safaris
Flying safaris to Masai mara are convenient and lats for one hour, Flights to Masai Mara being readily available, a flying package safari is possible to book for most Camps and Lodges. Flying to the Mara is also recommended for those who want to enjoy game drives in Open sided safari vehicles. Flying in is also best for the travellers who do not want the long road trip.

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