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Best time to visit Aberdare national park

Best time to visit Aberdare National Park.

Visit Aberdare National Park – All throughout the year, Aberdare National Park provides excellent opportunities for seeing animals; nevertheless, persistent rains can be a problem, particularly in April, May, and October. Most visitors will stay at one of the tree hotels for at least one night. Without going much farther, it’s easy to see a lot of wildlife from these hotels.

Hikers in particular should plan to visit the park during the dry season, which runs from June to September, or in December, January, and February, if they want to do a thorough exploration.

The best time to visit this park is during the dry months in June to September.

visit aberdare national park buffaloWhat happens during the high season or during the dry months and wet months?

During the high seasons, in the months of June to October and December to March, the hotels start becoming too busy.

During the low seasons, in the months of April and May, some roads get into bad condition because they are interfered with rain.

The best weather would be during the months of June to September when there is less rain.

The following takes place in the dry season during the months off June to September.

The months are mostly sunny and they normally receive less rain fall.

Roads are dry and therefore driving to the park is quite easier that other months.

Wild life always gather on the water holes near the hotels to take some water.

During these months, hiking and exploring the moorland zone at higher altitude is made easier.

The following takes place during the wet season in the months of October to May.

The accommodation are not busy hence making wildlife viewing from hotel balconies very special.

Bird watching is excellent and the migratory birds are present.

Low season rates are during the months of April and May.

Heavy rains normally interfere with game drives and hiking of the clients.

Transport means normally get hard because the roads are too muddy and slippery.

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