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What are the best activities in Udzungwa Mountain National Park?

Activities in Udzungwa mountain national parks.

The park offers a variety of tourist activities that guests can partake in while there. These activities include mountain climbing to the highest Peaks of Mwanihana (2500m amsl) and Luhomero (2576m amsl), bird watching, swimming, nature walks through the forest and to waterfalls, picnicking, filming, cycling (organized by the park and done beyond the park), camping, and cultural tourism.

Mountain Climbing.
Mountaineering – Provides an opportunity to reach the highest peaks of Luhomero and Mwanihana. Although the dry season is the most convenient time for most mountain climbers, the activity can be best performed throughout the year.

Bird watching.

Bird watching is done along all trails, highways, and throughout the entire forest, where most bird species (both native and migratory), depending on seasonal variations, the availability of food, and the ingredients for nesting, can be seen. The unique Udzungwa Forest Partridge and Rufous Winged Sunbird can be spotted thanks to the park guides’ detailed descriptions of their habitats and behaviors.


Outside the park, scheduled cycling trips are made to rubber plantations and nearby settlements. Visitors can spend time learning about local agricultural and irrigation practices, viewing local dress styles, experiencing traditional dances, and tasting local fare. It is one of the thrilling muscle-stretching activities that enhances nature-based travel.

Cultural tourism.
Due to the abundance of permanent rivers and ponds at the base of several waterfalls in the park’s eastern region, which is covered in a thick, evergreen tropical rainforest, swimming is permitted throughout the year in designated areas of the park. To fully enjoy the activity, visitors are suggested to bring their swimming gear/costumes.

Photographing and Filming.
It is also the most enjoyable activity that can be done throughout the year because the greatest images and movies need a quiet, serene setting (free of human activity, if the subject is nature), therefore the activities are always advised. Short rains can make photography safaris in the park more enjoyable since wild flowers bloom and there are many of butterflies around. Additionally, between December and February, the majority of migratory birds can be spotted.


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